Brilliant Lawyer Logos

Need a powerful lawyer logo to bring more clients to your firm? Our stunning lawyer logo selection is popular among law firm designers, court recording professionals, paralegals, mediators, notary public services and title companies. Choose among hundreds of free lawyer logo designs, such as a Lady Justice logo superimposed over a shield, a justice gavel logo inside of a laurel wreath, or a pillar in the shape of a pen. Then use our free logo maker to customize and download your lawyer logo in minutes!

Frequently Asked Questions Lawyer

What is a lawyer logo design?

A lawyer logo design is one that is used to create visual branding for lawyers, attorneys, law firms, and other legal professionals etc. It is important to know your target audience, your brand message, and convey your specific services when you are designing your lawyer logo.

If you are designing a logo for your family law services, for example, the design approach will be more sensitive and approachable. Choose comforting colors such as peach, light blue, and green. And if you are designing for your new law firm logo, make an impression by using authority symbols such as the justice ladyl, sword with balanced scales, or laurels around a shield designs.

Remember that your lawyer logo is saying something, design it in a way that it’s message stays on-brand.

How do you create a law firm logo?

There are a few ways to do that. If you have a bit of design knowledge, you can create your law firm logo yourself on Adobe Illustrator or Coreldraw, etc. If you have the budget, you can also hire a graphic designer to create one for you.

However, the easiest and most affordable option is to use a service like and create your own law business logo in minutes.

Just browse through our law firm logo gallery and find the design that matches your style and design needs and go from there.

Who can use an advocate logo?

If you are a legal professional looking to start your own practice and brand yourself, an advocate logo might be just the thing you need.

Using an advocate logo design that represents you as a professional, your strengths, and your uniqueness can help you gain a lot of clients. With an intelligent advocate brand logo, you can connect with your target market in a more effective way. It can help them perceive you the way you want to be perceived - nothing left to chance or guesswork.

So choose your advocate symbol right now and start building your brand identity.

What lawyer icons should I use in my logo design?

It depends on the kind of message you are hoping to send through your lawyer icon design. Each lawyer icon is a symbol that contains a message within themselves. You have to be careful in making sure you select a symbol that connects with your brand message.

For example, if you are choosing a courthouse icon, it makes your audience see you as experienced, mature, and knowledgeable. Similarly, icons such as balanced scales, shields, and pillars symbols send a somewhat similar message.

However, if you want to appear more approachable and compassionate, using a wordmark logo would be our suggestion. It can be less in-your-face and have a more approachable feel.

What colors are usually associated with lawyer logos?

Color psychology plays a great deal in defining a brand logo. As this profession demands, a lot of lawyer logos use neutral shades to send a message of being objective and non-judgemental. You’ll see a lot of browns, greys, and blacks in these logo designs.

Since a lot of earthy shades may bring a design down, we also see some light blue, gold, red and green in these designs. Sometimes, here and there, you’ll also find a lawyer office logo using maroon or orange in their designs. While these colors may not be common for lawyer designs, they certainly make the logo stand out.

If you are thinking of doing a similar thing, choose a lawyer logo design that can handle the splash of color.