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In the business of bringing people to life, and need a medical logo design? You’ve come to the right place. With our free medical logo maker, you can get tons of pharmacy logos, as well as hospital logos, labs, emergency centers, maternity clinics, medical stores, medical centers, or pharmacist logo design templates. We offer professionally accepted medical logos from heart logos to cross logos crescent, caduceus, ECG graph, mortar and pestle, pills, flasks, and DNA logo designs etc. Just browse through our gallery of free emergency center logos and medical center logos here and start customizing your own logo design today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Pharmacy Logos

Which symbols are considered best for a medical logo design?

As with any other industry, in the medical industry too, you want to choose symbols and icons that are most relevant to the profession.

For example, if you are an orthodontist, then dental logo images like these will suit you best.

For a primary care doctor, your medical logo design can contain symbols that are more general, like the red cross sign, stethoscope icons and such.

Depending on the medical profession you are in, you can also use heart logos, crescent, flask icons , and DNA logo designs for a research facility brand identity.

When choosing symbols for a medical logo, pay attention to icons and signs that best represent your specific profession, so people have an easy time spotting you in the crowd.

Should I use a custom medical logo or a logo template?

If you’ve got the budget to spare, then hiring a professional medical graphic designer to create a custom logo for you is the best idea.

However, if like most startups, you have a limited budget, a medical logo template fits the bill nicely.

A free logo maker software like, allows you to browse through tons of professionally designed medical logo templates without any sign-up fee or payment.

Take your time to find the perfect healthcare logo image for your business without worrying about expenses and use our customization studio to modify the template into an official medical logo.

After you are happy with the design you’ve created, simply click on the Download button and get the vector file for free or pay a small designer fee for high resolution files.

What symbols should I use in my health center logo design?

The choice of a health center logo symbol depends on the specific healthcare practice you’re running. If it's a critical care center, for example, then your health logo design should contain a cross icon or a crescent symbol.

Medical imagery is a vast topic and from research labs to hospital logos, you can find images of all kinds in our health center logo database. Some popular images are ECG logos, eye symbols, and optometry icons.

If you run a natural healing center, we also have pestle and mortar logos to fulfill your business needs.

What design elements are important in a pharmacy logo?

Three main elements that create the structure of a design of a pharmacy logo, are: symbol, type (font), and color.

Symbol is the icon or image you choose as the centerpiece of your design, e.g. a pill or capsule merged with the cross sign.

Type is the font style you want to use in your logo. At, we mostly use Montserrat and Quicksand Bold in pharmacy logo templates and other medical logo designs to enhance the professional feel of the logo.

For colors, green, blue, and white are mostly used for pharmacy logo designs as well as medical store and lab logos etc. These colors instill a sense of calm and well-being and therefore are preferred colors of the medical industry.

Can I use my pharmacy logo vector for free?

Yes, keeping a few limitations in mind, you can use your pharmacy logo vector freely on all your marketing and advertising materials. When you get your pharmacy logo design PNG after paying a designer fee, you get a limited range of rights to use that design.

While you can certainly use that particular pharmacy logo design in your own branding and marketing, you cannot call it your copyrighted design as some other business may also be using it. To buy the copyrights of a medical logo design template, there is a complete process that allows you to buy the design as your own and prevents other businesses from using it.

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