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Want to add swagger and class to your apparel or fashion logo design? Our free fashion logo maker features artistic stock of apparel symbols includes shoe logos, handbags, wallets, hats, apparel, accessories, silhouette, dress, hair logos and much more for both men and women. Try our fashion logo creator to find your desired brand image and personalize your fashion designer logo. You can also use our free logo creator to create a unique apparel logo to appeal to a broader range of customers for your tailoring, clothing line, and dress shop. Our free fashion logo samples will allow you to tap into the competition and become the new trend. From our free logo generator's gallery click on a fashion logo to customize and create your unique blend of fashion design. Download your logo files directly from our free logo creator tool. Try it now!

Frequently Asked Questions About Apparel & Fashion Logos

How to design men’s fashion logo quickly?

The easiest and quickest way to design a men's fashion logo is to use a logo maker tool. You just have to log on to a logo maker online, pick your favorite design template, add your boutique or clothing company name and download the vector file for use.

Whether you require a men's fashion apparel logo with a hipster brand image; all suited with jacket and tie symbol; or casual clothing logo design, they’re available in a logo maker tool.

This is especially an ideal method of logo designing for small men's fashion startups or clothing store logos requiring brand images on the go.

What makes a good apparel logo?

When a professional graphic designer creates a logo design, they consider the following important elements to make a good apparel logo.

Symbolism-the meaning behind the image you choose for your apparel logo, can impact on your customers impression of your brand. Colors-communicate the message of style and attitude of the apparel line you want to sell.

Font-allows audience to immediately catch your brand name and perceive the genre.

Apart from these, your apparel logo design should holistically communicate your brand's mission and vision as well as the category your apparel line is in. For example a ladies' designer dress logo will look differently than men’s tailoring brand identity.

Last but not least, is how aesthetically appealing your apparel logo is to your audience. Try to focus on your niche customers rather than pleasing a mass crowd.

How to design fashion logos with designer names?

If you're a new fashion designer looking to create your own label, then having your own fashion logo design is a must.

Most fashion designer logos are typically name initials crafted to form alphabet letter logos. Some examples include DKNY, YSL, LV, H&M, etc. However, there are others who prefer to have their whole name written in text logo design style, such as the Tommy Hilfiger logo, Ralph Lauren, and Versace brands.

For apparel fashion label logos, most prefer to have their designer name in the logo while established brands choose to go with initials. This holds true for fashion accessory logos too.

Where can I get a boutique logo design for free?

There are a lot of options out there for getting a boutique logo design for free. Some of the options are:

  • Logo design gallery
  • Logo maker tool
  • Logo vector database

Alternatively, you can hire a graduate logo designer who is willing to work pro bono to build up a logo design portfolio. You can request them to design free boutique logo concepts from which you can select your preferred one and pay them a nominal price.

The best place for getting a boutique logo design for free though, is using a logo maker like one here at All you have to do is browse through our database, pick your favorite boutique logo template, customize as you like and download in minutes for free! Try it now!

How to create the best fashion logos with design templates?

Believe it or not, you can use design templates to create the best fashion logos online. This is because our logo templates are created by professional graphic designers who have years of experience in designing top notch fashion brand logos.

Our designers understand what is required to give your brand image the oomph effect and make your fashion brand image stand out from the crowd. Right from selecting appropriate symbols like fashionable woman logos and men in suit logo designs; to colors and font styles that are current to the industry.

Just pick your favorite design template and start creating the best fashion logo for your brand today.