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Seeking a people-friendly employment bureau, training program, attendance software or HR logo design for your firm? Our free logo maker for HR professionals provide top notch graphic images for abstract people logos, puzzle pieces, fingerprint, magnifying glass, suit and tie, globe logos and more, that are ideal for any type of human resource consultancy, HR software company logo or people training specialists. To make a free HR logo design on your own, just select an HR symbol from our free logo generator to edit colors, fonts, text, and even add effects to them using our free logo maker and literally download in minutes. Get your newly created logo design instantly! Try it now!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Employment & HR Logos

How can I design a free HR logo for my firm?

There are three ways you can get an HR logo designed for your firm.

Of all three, you'll get the biggest value for your money by choosing an online HR logo maker like LogoDesign.net.

The reason? Here, you'll get a huge variety of HR logo designs to choose from. All the designs have been created by our expert graphic designers, ensuring the originality of the design. This way, you are guaranteed that you'll get a professionally designed custom HR logo that won't empty your pockets.

Furthermore, you can also make changes to your HR logo template by using our top-quality customization panel with all the design effects at your disposal.

What human resources icons can I find in your gallery?

Our logo design gallery hosts all different kinds of human resource icons that you can use in your professional HR logo design. Ranging from abstract tie icons to a shield graphics in the shape of a person and from connecting circles to people interlocking symbols, we have it all.

Business owners also like to go for worldmark and text logos to create employment firm brand identity based on their brand names. These are called lettermark or wordmark HR logos.

But which icons should you choose for your human resource logo depends on what kind of business you run. The size of the human resource business, your target market, and brand persona, all are important factors when designing a human resource or recruitment logo.

How can I make my own staffing logo?

Using an online logo maker software like LogoDesign.net to design your own staffing logo is extremely easy. Just follow these simple steps:

  • a) Browsing through the industry list or by keying in your search query in the search bar, start looking at staffing logo designs to see which ones you like.
  • b) Once you’ve shortlisted a few designs, start customizing your staffing agency logo by using our top-of-the-line customization panel.
  • c) When you’re done with the changes, click on the Download button to get the original vector file of the design for easy use.

The quick process allows you to create a variety of staffing logo concepts that are crafted by professionals and are great for business and branding use.

What customization tools are available for HR logo templates?

We have almost an unlimited variety of customization tools that can transform an HR logo template into a brand identity design that’s sleek and individual.

Our customization studio has design modification features ranging from unique and modern shape and font changes to introducing completely new elements into the HR logo design. These include changing colors of specific elements of your human resources logo, adding effects such as shine, gloss, and shadows, and many other features. If you truly want to experiment, you can view the design in the grid to really flex your creative muscles.

Using these awesome tools, you can completely revolutionise and give a facelift to an existing HR logo template to fulfill the specific needs of your logo design brief, adding a wealth of personality into it.

Will my human resource logo image be in high-res quality?

Always. All the human resource logo design images you find in our gallery are professionally designed by our expert graphic designers. This means that LogoDesign.net hosts all the original vector files for all the designs showcased in the gallery.

When you download a human resource company logo for your business, you pay a nominal designer fee, which enables you to get your hands on all the different file formats of the human resource logo design you’ve chosen. And all the files are always in high-resolution formats.

These vector files in high-res formats allow you to use them on a variety of marketing materials – such as business cards, billboards, letterheads, social media logo, and others – never once worrying about your human resource logo image quality.