Engineering Logos & Energy Logos in Minutes

Your sharp and cutting-edge energy and engineering company logo needs a symbol with the right mix of professionalism, innovation, and futuristic brand image. We’ve got just the engineering logo design for you in our free logo maker database which features symbols from bulb logos, gear, cogs and flames to calipers, electrical plugs, solar panels, oil logos etc. Whether you specialize in renewable energy, civil engineering, oil & energy, mechanical engineering or product design engineers our online logo creator has got an engineering logo that will match your branding needs. Browse through our free engineering logo samples below to see how you can make any one of the logos your own. Then use our fast and free logo generator to personalize and download in minutes. Check them out now!

Frequently Asked Questions About Engineering & Energy Logos

What makes a good engineering logo design?

To make your own engineering logo really sell your business idea, make sure it has the right ratio of professionalism, innovation, and a passion for growth. Engineering is a profession that mixes field work with board-room creativity. An engineering company logo that can represent both these dimensions can portray a really strong brand image.

Ideally, such an engineering logo design would contain symbols that best represent the uniqueness of gear icons, calipers and crane symbols; includes colors that are industry-standards like red, blue, orange etc.; and uses font styles that are highly professional and business-oriented. To fulfill this tall design order, take a look around at our logo design gallery and see what engineering logo images you’d like to choose today.

What distinguishes an engineering logo from an energy logo?

An engineering logo consists of images that are exclusively technical – such as cogs, gears, and electrical plug icons, etc. whereas an energy logo is more fluid in design. Depending on whether it’s an electrical energy logo, liquid fuel, or logo for a solar energy company, the symbols can be varied.

Similarly, there are design variations within the engineering industry as well. For example, an environmental engineering logo would be very different from a traditional engineering firm logo designs. The former would use designs that portray eco-friendly images such as recycling logos, sun icons, abstract galaxy shapes and such.

Due to these important distinctions, it is necessary to figure out your brand’s unique selling point and design your logo design.

What kind of engineering logo images do you have in your logo maker?

Our engineering logo design gallery hosts all sorts of logo images that are varied enough to suit your unique business needs. From wrench icons to crane hooks and from bridge logos to compass symbols, we have it all. Additionally, we also offer for more modern engineering fields such as environmental engineering, engineering consultancy, and computer engineering logos too too.

Therefore, you’ll also find robot images, atomic chemical flask logos, and abstract DNA icons in our logo maker studio. We want to be able to fulfill a wide range of engineering logo design needs for our clients running diverse engineering businesses.

Visit our logo gallery now for the complete collection of professionally designed engineering logo images that you won’t find anywhere else.

What is the process of downloading my free energy logo vector?

After you have chosen your energy logo design template and customized it according to your taste and design needs, simply click on the Download button to start the process. You’ll go through a quick sign-up process and download a standard resolution logo for free. If you require high resolution files, you can get them after paying a small designer fee. Then you’ll be able to download your energy logo vector in a variety of file formats.

The process is the same for energy saving logo vectors, solar energy and other energy types of brand identities. Having the original vectors for the logos, you can easily put them up on your websites, in all over your marketing materials, and even use them to drive your digital marketing campaigns.

Shall I use a wordmark logo or an energy symbol for my company?

Though that depends on your personal choice and what’s in your logo design brief, both design choices – wordmark logo and energy company symbol – have their merits.

A wordmark logo for an energy brand looks quite confident and powerful. With a symbol-based logo, you make your own energy logo design more readily noticed and understood. So ask yourself: do you want your design to be immediately relevant to a particular industry or do you want your business name to gain more popularity?

Perhaps it’s the 3rd option that’s best. Use the power of both kinds of logo designs with an energy logo template that contains both: the symbol with a wordmark. Examples include Engie Power, Shell, and Total.