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Make your jewelry logo for your brand from drab to bling with a dazzling free jewelry logo maker. Whether you are a goldsmith, silversmith, gemstone specialist, jewelry designer, retailer, online jewelry reseller, or searching for jewelry ornament logos we’ve got the perfect logo image for you. Select from a huge collection of gemstone logos diamond logos, abstract shape, ring, dream catcher, earring, necklace, cut stones, mandala logos and many more options in our free logo creator. You'll be amazed at the flexibility and freedom to get creative with our jewelry logo generator. You’ll get unlimited free logo design ideas for your jewelry logo design and unlimited customization options too. Get going and create your own jeweler logo today with a free logo maker!

Frequently Asked Questions About Jewelry & Gemstones Logos

How can I create jewelry logo mockups for my jewelry store?

It's pretty straightforward. Just search for 'jewelry and gemstone logos' on the search bar within the free logo maker tool or select this industry from the dropdown menu on the top. You will be shown an extensive list of relevant jewelry logos templates in a variety of shapes, icons, and colors including diamond logos, ring symbols, earring graphics, and necklace images etc. Just pick the one that you like and get to customization.

Customization can be done to change all the different details you want to create a truly unique jewelry logo design. All the mockups you create in customization can be saved and further worked on later.

What is the best font for a jewelry logo design?

The most popular jewelry logo font would be something from Serif or Script family. The reason, both these typeface styles look elegant, sophisticated, and classic on jewelry logo designs. You can choose to pair the Serif heading font with the secondary font from the Script family, or vice versa.

Having said that, the choice of text in logo design, as well as other design decisions, must all base on the unique brand identity of your business. You must also keep the overall design theme of your jewelry logo style in mind when deciding on a particular font for the logo.

Can I download my jewelry logo design vector for free?

With the free Sign Up option, you will be able to create and customize a variety of jewellery logo images – all completely free. The files available to download come in a range of formats including all vector formats.

Only when downloading the high resolution files of your own jewelry logo, will you have to pay a nominal amount as designer fee for artists who have created jewelry logo templates for our clients. In addition to the design variety, you all get high-resolution vector files that can easily be used on a number of marketing material instantly.

What are the best jewelry logo images that I can use?

Mosaics, vines, crowns, and gems are some of the most popular jewelry logo icons and different combinations of them are often used in popular jewelry logo symbols.

Designers also use rings, diamonds, hearts logos as well as mandalas, and women silhouette logos in jewelry logo templates. When designing gem store logos, most popular images contain geometric shapes, like diamond and hexagon icons, for example. Floral, filigrees, and stars icons also appear as popular jewelry images for logos.

Or you can use the more symbolic icon for your jewelry store logo, such as a pendent symbol, earring, necklace or even a tiara image.

What are the best jewelry logo colors for my business?

We recommend using a softer color palette for your jewelry shop logo. Something to do with pastels or neutrals, perhaps. Reason: softer and neutral shades provide an unassuming background against which your jewelry logo icon can shine.

The top jewelry logo colors most popularly seen are:

  • Grey
  • Turquoise
  • Rose pink
  • Peach, and
  • Gold

A rule of thumb when finalizing your jewelry logo concept is to keep the colors muted if your jewelry or gem icon is going to be a strong one like an elaborately detailed tiara. Or even when the image is simple but you want it to stand out. More classic jewelry logos usually contain lots of design details, the modern trend, however, is to keep it simple.