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Frequently Asked Questions About Information-Technology Logos

Where can I find outstanding IT logo designs?

Right here at of course! When you browse through our free logo maker, you’ll find tons of outstanding IT logo designs that are ideal for startups and small businesses related to the IT industry.

We have symbols of laptops, pixels, LCD screen logos as well as circuit symbols, wi-fi icons and more. You’ll love the variety of information technology logos we have featured in our database.

We also have IT department logo designs including symbols of satellite, cable, cloud computing and electronics logos.

Just browse through our limitless gallery of IT logo designs, and you won’t be disappointed.

Do I have to use computers in my computer company logo concepts?

Not at all. If you are looking for something out-of-the-box and creative for your computer company logo, try abstract shapes like cloud logo images with circuitry, shield, or flying pixels graphics.

Other computer company logo ideas include swoosh symbols associated with circuit, cable around letters or globe logo.

Alternatively, you can also use lettermark logo designs or wordmark logos of your company name to create your own computer logo.

How to choose information technology logo images for my company?

Famous technology brands like Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, and HP logos play with different logo designing aspects to create their IT brand image. What we learn from them are these:

Timeless: Always go for a timeless IT logo image that will help your brand stay relevant in the fast paced technology environment. For your information technology logo choose atom icons, globe, lines, or even cube graphics, etc. which are abstract in nature and are timeless.

Versatile: You never know where your IT company will take you, so always choose a versatile information technology logo logo for your firm because it will be used in different media including electronics, online, print and clothing etc.

Adaptable: Whichever IT logo image you settle for, make sure it is adaptable to all kinds of audience and platforms. For example you have chosen a bright ladybug with pixels logo with a mind to target youngsters whereas the buyers are adults above 40 years then you need to reconsider the brand image.

Apart from these, there are other criteria for designing your information technology logo image such as: scalable, relevant, memorable, and simplicity etc. to make an outstanding brand image.

Where can I go for technology logo inspirations?

There are numerous channels for finding technology logo inspirations but the best ones are the following:

1. Online logo databases like offer thousands of technology logo ideas for you in minutes. You can search these by symbols, alphabet letters and text logos as well as keywords.

2. Portfolio websites like Behance, Dribble, Flickr, and more offer tons of portfolios of graphic designers online that you can search and browse through them.

3. Logo competitions offer plenty of technology logo concepts that have been uploaded by newbie and seasoned graphic designers. They are great sources of inspiration.

Last but not least, you can simply use Google Images to search for technology logo ideas and inspiration by keying in your desired symbols.

Do I really need a programming logo design for my freelance business?

Designing music icons that are trendy and at par with the current music industry requires finesse in design techniques as well as aesthetics.

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