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Searching for finance logos? You've landed on the perfect finance logo maker tool. Even if you’re in the business of finance and investment, you don’t have to have a conventional finance logo design. We offer you thousands of finance logos that are professional yet modern, guaranteed to impress your clients. Attract investors to your business with an elegant investment firm logo design from our online logo maker, that communicates trust and professionalism. Our DIY free logo generator features bull logos, bear, lion, globe, currency notes, graph, coins, building, swoosh logos, and many more symbols for you to choose from. Just click on an icon, use the drag-drop tool in our logo editor studio to personalize font, colors, and text, and get your finance logo or investment company logo in minutes. Get started now with our free logo creator now!

Frequently Asked Questions About Investment & Finance Logos

Where can I find the best investment logo designs for free?

Head over to our logo design gallery to look for the best investment logos to add personality and flair to your brand identity.

With modern and fresh logo designs, you can make your own investment firm look interesting and catch the attention of clients and stakeholders alike. All of our investment logo design templates are created by expert professionals and have the perfect balance of expertise and charm.

All of the investment logo symbols in our collection are free to use and inspiration, and come with high-resolution original vector files for easy use on a variety of media.

What symbols should I use for my finance company logo design?

Following industry trends, branding rules, and design aesthetics, we recommend graph images and charts; currency notes, bull and bear icons, trending arrow symbols, and similar relevant finance logo designs.

You can also consider pillar symbols in geometric shapes, modern 3D cubes, financial bar icons and building logos for a truly modern investment company logo design.

Basically, whichever imagery and picture you use, make sure it is relevant to your business brand personality and is reflective of your mission and vision.

How can I customize my investment logo design with a logo maker?

To make an investment logo template uniquely yours, use the customization tools in our logo maker studio. In addition to regular customization like font styles and color changes, you can also change/add symbols and icons, add effects, change text and alignment to your chosen investment and finance logo template.

You can add a shield icon to the investment logo to make it more impactful. The tool also allows you to use the grid for logo designing and make changes in the design in a more structured way. Of the range of effects available, the most prominent are, drop shadows, flips, gloss, curves and others.

With such varied customization options, there’s no question that you can modify a logo to fit the unique character of your investment brand.

Are there any industry-colors to use in a finance and investment logo?

The most suitable colors for either a finance business logo or an investment company logo are the ones that build trust and authenticity for the brand. For example, blue. A universal favorite, blue represents security, trustworthiness, and stability.

To prevent the blue looking clinical, mix it with green or another complementary color for your finance firm brand logo. Or choose a different shades of blue; midnight blue, powder blue, or periwinkle.

Some more colors often gracing investment firm logos and other wealth management company logos are orange, yellow, beige, silver, and occasionally, red too.

What are the popular file formats required for an investment company logo design?

We offer investment company logo templates in a variety of file formats – all in high-quality resolution and usable in printed materials.

In addition to PNG, PDF, JPEG, and other popular formats, our finance logo templates, are also available for customers in vector files.

With ease of vector files, customers can easily use them on a number of media assets with utmost convenience and immediately after downloading them from our gallery – with no additional need for file converts.

For a list of more file formats available, please head over to our How It Works section.