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Our accounting logo maker has been designed by expert graphic designers for professionals like you whether you are an accounting firm, bookkeeper, accountant, CPA or consultant looking for a tax logo . Use our free DIY logo generator to create your own accounting or CPA logo design in minutes. Just select an accounting logo template from below, personalize to reflect your specialty, add a tagline and you’re ready to to get your free accounting logo file from our free CPA logo creator. Download instantly! We have a huge selection for you to choose from book logos to pen, graphs, dollars, calculators, badge, swoosh and more. Get started with our free logo maker online!

Frequently Asked Questions About Accounting Logos

How do you design an accounting logo?

The easiest way to design an accounting logo is with a software. It's easy, free, and takes minutes to download the final vector logo file. Another way is to hire a professional designer to create a completely unique logo for your accounting firm.

With an accounting and CPA logo maker tool, you get access to a huge collection of accounting, CPA, bookkeeping, and other investment and finance services logo design templates that are ready to be used. Just add your company name on the design you like and download your logo.

With our accounting logo software, you can also use the keyword search option to view accounting logo images that you are specifically looking for.

The most popularly searched accounting designs are 'arrow logo', 'dollar sign logo', and 'bar logo' etc.

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How to select an accounting firm logo?

Choosing the best logo for your accounting firm depends on your brand message, the niche-market you are dealing with, and the company set up you've got going on.

If you are a startup and catering to home-based or small to medium personal finance, your accounting logo should be simpler, with an accessible feel. For example, a piggy bank symbol, or a dollar sign with arrows around.

If you manage high finance or provide accounting services to more established and big businesses, go for a more professional logo such as logos with bar charts, or arrows and line graph logos.

What are the best colors for accounting logos?

The top colors for accounting logos are:

  • Blue
  • Black
  • Grey
  • White, and
  • Green (for growth)

More modern accounting & CPA logos also feature orange, red, yellow, and similar hues.

An accounting logo speaks of a serious business. People look for dependability, precision, and accuracy in their accountants. The popular color choices such as blue, white, green, and grey, portray these qualities.

When you are searching for a logo for an accounting firm, choosing one of these colors will make your logo instantly relevant to your industry. However, for a more modern accounting logo, you can customize the design with the colors of your choice.

What are the top logo images used in accounting?

Business owners popularly look for accounting images that contain money symbols, bars, arrows, graphs, abacus, or checklists etc. Some other ideal accounting logo images could be books, currency notes, stock market or calculator icons.

The idea is to use icons or imagery that immediately connects the brand with the business type. Such visible accounting images help people make the connection regarding the kind of business this brand does.

Our accounting and CPA logo collection contains an extensive list of specific symbols that can help you create really effective logos for an accounting firm.

Can I download accounting vector logos?

Absolutely! All accounting logo designs can be downloaded in vector file formats that are easily printable and can be used in a number of brand communication assets immediately.

Our accounting logo creator provides you with a wide range of vector logo designs that you can instantly use on envelopes, letterheads, business cards and other marketing media with complete ease and convenience.

All the accounting logo designs you'll find in our gallery, including the auditing logos, CPA and tax consultant logos, come complete with vector logo formats like .pdf. Our How it Works section contains more information on this topic.