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Create an advertising logo to build a sharp and modern brand image for your advertising agency or communication company to stand out from the crowd. Each of our illustrative advertising agency logo designs in our free logo maker is recognizable and instantly grabs attention. Our advertising logo creator have symbols ranging from globe logo to pencil, loudspeaker, brain, bulb, movie reels, pen, TV console, etc. fit for marketing logo , PR company, video producer, graphic designer, poster designer, copywriter, and more. Amplify your brand with a dynamic advertising logo concept using our free logo creator today! Our logo generator is free for use and allows you to get your advertising logo in minutes. Start now.

Frequently Asked Questions About Advertising Logos

How can I design advertising agency logos for free?

You can design advertising agency logos for free by using a logo maker online. Of course, you can hire a graphic designer to get a custom advertising logo design too but a logo maker offers you the fastest and free solution.

Just log on to a logo designer tool like, and find your favorite advertising agency logo templates, such as a globe logo with pixels , light bulb logo design or something else. You can make edits with fonts, colors, and texts. After that, just download the vector logo file for use. You can try our logo maker right now.

How can I create modern logo designs for my advertising agency?

A modern logo design is the best way for an advertising agency to portray they are the leaders in the industry. There are some qualities that modern logo designs for advertising agency possess: stylish, on-trend, sharp and use graphic elements that appeal to all.

To create a modern logo design for your advertising agency you need to first select a modern symbol. Some advertising logo ideas include pencil or pen symbol, loudspeaker or brain logo.

Then comes selecting fonts. Most modern logo designs use sans serif but don't be afraid to try serif fonts too.

Although our advertising logo templates have been designed with industry-standard colors, if you need to customize your design, choose colors that give off creative vibes. Instead of choosing randomly, refer to our color psychology guide for the right color choice.

Once done download your logo and use it to brand your advertising agency!

What's the difference between advertising and media logos?

Advertising agency logos differ from media logos, in the type of symbols and design style that depict their specialty.

A media buyer company for instance, will probably prefer to have a tube TV logo or a play symbol for a logo for their brand identity.

On the other hand, advertising agency logos veer towards creative symbols like a pencil, brain, bulb, etc. but this is not to say that advertising agencies can't have loudspeakers, film reels or newspaper logos for their brand identity.

The choice is based on what your advertising agency specializes in, and what messages you want to send out to your potential clients.

Does your advertising logo creator feature vector logos?

Of course! Our advertising logo creator is a top-of-the-line software that offers you vector logos of the highest quality and styles. With a vector logo file like .PDF you can easily use it for printing and other branding materials. You can learn more about what type of files we offer by heading over to the How it Works section.

Is your advertising logo generator really free?

Definitely!'s advertising logo generator is absolutely free. You can generate as many logos as you like. With a huge collection of advertising logos for you to choose from, you're bound to find a logo that you'll love. You can even download your custom advertising logo design for free.

You only pay a small price for high-resolution files of your company logo, if you want.