Step 1 Fill the Design Brief

Step 1 Fill the Design Brief

You can launch any type of design contest you like that requires designers to submit design concepts, and you, to select one or two winner(s) out of the entries.

We offer custom logo design contests as well as contests for brand identity design, marketing material, web design, banner ads, t-shirt designs, and more.

And if you are still lost, feel free to contact our design consultant via email at or call 844-232-4816 to help you.

Our graphic designers need to understand your branding needs including information like your company name, tagline, type of logo design, color preferences, your business target audience and any inspirations you may have for your brand in the form of links, images, and photos sent to the designer.

If you are launching a brochure design contest, or similar marketing material, then you will also need to provide content for the design. If you don’t have content, then our graphic designers will use “dummy” text instead.

If you are launching a business card or stationery design contest then, you need to provide contact information like address, phone number, company name, email address, and logo, etc. For a website design contest you just need to provide information on the type of website you want, industry and logo, along with preferences like colors, images and graphics types. You can add your own information later on – like content, pricing, terms, etc.

If you are opting for web development after the web design contest then our team will need to have information on hosting, CMS, and domain too.

All in all, the more information you provide the better chances of your contest receiving the right type of designs.

Each contest runs for 7 days unless you choose to extend or expedite it.

If you are in a hurry to conclude your contest and pick a winner then you can expedite, in other words shorten your contest duration.

Extension is the opposite of expedite – meaning you can extend the duration of your contest by paying a little extra to receive more concepts and decide on which design concept to choose.

For more information on this connect with our design consultant via email at or call 844-232-4816 to help you.

A contest usually starts from $199 and can go up to as much as you like. The more the amount, the more the design concepts you’ll receive as designers are motivated to win that price. You can find a whole range of our design contest services on our Pricing page here.

Step 2 Receive Design Concepts

Within hours of launching a contest, you will start to receive design concepts. As more and more graphic designers get notified of your logo contest (or any other design contest), they will participate and submit their logo design ideas based on your creative brief.

At, you will always get 30 or more design concepts. It is a hard choice so we suggest that you start giving feedback through rating, commenting, or removing the design concepts from your contest to narrow down your choices.

To receive more design concepts in your contest you can follow these approaches.

One, actively interact with graphic designers through feedback, comments, and ratings so they understand your preferences with each concept submitted. This will encourage them to submit more and better designs.

Second, you can increase your contest package so that more graphic designers are motivated to participate in your contest and win the amount. You can do so by contacting our customer support team to upgrade your contest.

While we guarantee that you will always get more than 30 design concepts, sometimes you might not like any of them.

The first step is to contact our support team and let us know so we can invite more designers to participate in your contest.

Even so, if you do not like the concepts then we offer guaranteed upgrade which means that designers are assured that they will be paid for their hard work, and the contest holder will not abandon the contest. For this, you will need to contact our support team at this number 844-232-4816 or email to for the upgrade.

When designers see that the design contest is guaranteed, they will submit more concepts and encourage others to participate too.

The best thing about a contest is that you may select more than one concept for your design.

Suppose you like design A as the main winner but you also like another design B, then you can finalize B as the secondary winner. You can get the final files of the secondary winner at an additional cost but it will be less than starting a new contest all over again. Both designers will be paid based on your choice.

Step 2 Receive Design Concepts
Step 3 Finalize the Design

Step 3 Finalize the Design

At the end of the contest which usually takes 7 days, the contest is locked in a deciding stage. During this period, designers can’t submit more designs to your contest.

You will then need to narrow down your choices and finalize one winning design. Once this is decided, within hours we prepare the winning design files in different formats and notify you for download.

The graphic designer is then paid, and the contest is considered closed after this unless you would like to extend it, in which case we will reopen it for design submissions.

Once a contest is closed, you can reopen your contest anytime you like.

  1. a. You can reopen your contest when it is in the deciding phase. Just inform our support team that you would like your design contest to remain open by paying a small amount for an extension upgrade.

  2. b. After 30 days, if you do not close your contest we send a reminder for you to close it. After this grace period, your design contest is automatically closed. If you want to reopen after this period, you will have to pay a small fee. For more information on this read our contest terms.

All our clients receive design files in a compressed folder which contains all the vector and image formats required for your branding and marketing materials including PDF, PNG, JPEG, AI, TIFF, PSD, GIF, EPS and FH depending on the type of design you require.

That’s all it takes! Our design contest is truly easy to launch and quick to host as 1-2-3. Why not launch your brand now with a contest?