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Fire up your imagination with one of our yummilicious restaurant logos from our free logo maker, for your food chain or restaurant brand identity. We have thousands of restaurant logos, ideal for all types of eatery businesses including bistro logos, BBQ grill, bar, café logos, and high-end culinary cuisine logos . Once you use our restaurant logo maker, you’ll be hooked! Our stunning restaurant logos featured in our fast and free logo creator are designed professionally by the top graphic designers in the world to give your restaurant brand logo the kick it needs at launch time. Whether you are looking for a Chinese restaurant logos, Mexican, Italian, Indian, or Pakistani restaurant logo designs, we have them all. From ornamental mandalas to a scrumptious bowl of noodle logo, and a slice of cheesy pizza graphic, we have just the right brand image for your restaurant logo design. Just add your personal touch and download it instantly from the best restaurant logo creator. Try it today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Restaurant & Food Logos

How do you make the best restaurant logo?

There are a few ways you can go about designing the best restaurant logo. These include:

• Hiring a graphic designer

• Launching a design contest

• Using a logo maker online tool

Out of all these, the last one is the most economical for new restaurant owners as it gives them the opportunity to do a lot of experimentation with their restaurant logo design without paying a lot of money. Since restaurant business already has a lot of additional costs, an online restaurant logo maker offers the best value for the buck.

With professional logo designs, you can add a lot of personal detailing and customization to turn a generic design into a highly recognizable restaurant brand identity.

What are good colors for a fast food logo design?

It primarily depends on the kind of fast food restaurant you run. If, for example, you run a burger joint, your fast food restaurant logo design should contain happy, cheery, and inviting colors like red and yellow (Hello, McDonald’s!).

For a casual eatery or a neighborhood cafe logo, go for colors that represent the unique character of your restaurant or your neighborhood.

Or go with the culture. Choose representative colors to decorate your Italian restaurant logo or a Mexican restaurant logo for an authentic visual identity.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. If you are unsure of which colors to choose for your restaurant or bar logo, we suggest studying ‘Color Psychology’. It’s a subtle science of knowing about color properties and deciding which ones you want to represent your business well.

How much would a fast food restaurant logo cost me?

How much your fast food restaurant logo costs depends on the design service you’re going for. A professional designer may charge exorbitantly while a logo maker may be a fraction of it. However, the easiest-on-the-pocket solution is to look at an online logo maker. Our free logo maker has an extensive library of cool logo designs that are sure to stop in your tracks. All the designs are created professionally by designers so you get the real thing when you buy from us. Plus, our fast food logo templates can be stylized and customized as per your design needs, which makes the whole thing even better. For a fraction of a typical logo design cost, you get a fast food logo in hi-res files, all nice and ready to be used, without breaking your bank.

How can I turn a generic food company logo into a professional one?

Your food company logo design can be turned into a stunning brand identity for your business by using our state-of-the-art customization studio.

The customization options available there are easy enough for a novice to handle and varied enough to take care of any and all types of food logo design ideas coming to your mind. To access the studio, simply click on the ‘Edit & Download’ button next to the design that you have liked and let the studio open up to you. There, you’ll find options such as spacing, adding gloss and shine, modifying opacity and alignment, as well as changing fonts, colors, and elements.

No matter if your food company is a bakery, bistro, or a breakfast lounge, take a look at our food logo gallery for a complete variety of our design offerings.

Do you have images for catering logo designs?

Yes, you bet. Our catering logo images come with virtually all of the icons and symbols that you can think of for a catering brand identity. We have chef hat icons, letter logos, cutlery symbols and many others that look appropriate and representative of the catering industry.

For the full list of catering company logos, head over to our DIY logo maker page to get a run down of the designs. There, you can see the color variations, symbols and can also add your own personal touches to truly create a catering business logo that you can be proud of owning.