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Your search for a professional and authoritative attorney logos and law firm logo maker stops right here. With our huge database of free law firm logos, you can find the perfect legal logo design to make your firm stand out from the crowd. Designed by professional graphic designers for legal professionals like you, we guarantee you’ll be impressed by a plethora of legal logo symbols from lady justice logo designs, gavel logos, pillar, court building, laurels, balance and more. To get your lawyer logo or legal firm logo design just select an icon from our legal logo creator to personalize with fonts, colors, and tagline, and instantly download. You will get your legal logo files in vector formats from the legal logo generator, which are suitable for digital and printing purposes. And it’s not even expensive! Go on, try it our free logo creator software now!

Frequently Asked Questions About Attorney & Law Firm Logos

Which are the best law firm logo colors used by designers?

One of the most important aspects of practicing law is the ability to garner trust from clients and stakeholders. This is why graphic designers often use blue as law firm logo colors. Blue is a color of honesty, integrity, trust and security.

However, not all law firm logo designs are limited to the use of blue in their brand image. Another predominant color is gold, which is the color of success and elegance, often used for judges logo designs. Grey is another color option which you will find in major law logo vectors.

Having said that, modern law firm logo designers tend to experiment with red, beige and purple too when designing legal logos.

What type of symbols should I use for court logo designs?

The most preferred symbols for court logo designs include courthouse images, pillar icons as well as columns, wheat stalk wreaths, or gavel icon graphics.

The symbol you select for your court logo should represent what niche or area the court specializes in. For example court dealing with corporate affairs will have symbols like briefcase, pillars or column icons. On the other hand if it is a family court, then you’d best select symbols of Lady Justice, children or similar.

Where to go for legal logo ideas for inspiration?

There a ton of legal logo ideas available online for inspiration for designers as well as legal professional. These online platforms include but not limited to the following:

  • Professional legal logo portfolio websites
  • Downloadable legal logo design galleries
  • Free legal logo maker databases

Some of the most stunning and corporate legal logo design examples are found on these platforms. They truly resonate with the personal brand identities of legal professionals like lawyers, attorneys, paralegals, judges and more.

Where can I get high quality lawyer logo PNGs?

You can get high quality lawyer logo PNGs from designers as well as online logo maker tools. With a graphic designer you’ll have to pay a hefty price for the lawyer logo PNG file. They may even include PDF, JPEG, and AI editable files if you hire them specifically for your lawyer brand identity design.

Another way of getting a lawyer icon vector file is by visiting a lawyer logo software like that allows you to pick and design a logo, lawyers and clients would find appealing. It’s the quickest method of getting your logo design files.

Is your attorney logo maker really free?

Don't be surprised if you hear a resounding “yes”. Our advance attorney logo maker is truly free for use with unlimited attorney logo templates available.

To get your attorney brand identity, all you have to do is select your favorite attorney symbol and customize it to your taste. Then click on download for free to use in your stationery, visiting cards and folder file branding etc. It literally takes minutes to get a free attorney logo design!

How much would it cost to design a justice logo?

How much a justice logo design costs depends on what type of design you are looking for and how much your budget is.

For example a graphic design agency will have a team of designers specializing in justice department brand identity creation. They may charge you more for the time and effort of the whole team around $1000-$10000.

Alternatively, an independent logo designer will take less time and money to create a custom logo for you, around $500-$2000.

Last, but not least, a justice logo maker is the most affordable logo design option for justice professionals like justice department, courthouses, paralegals and so on. It allows you to pick the perfect justice logo image, customize and download in minutes.