Create Free Consulting Logos

Proud of your expertise and want to start a consultancy? Never a better time than now to take advantage of a free consulting logo maker to create a consulting logo. With a professional consulting logo design for your consultancy, you can pitch your service to clientele with confidence. Whether you require a therapy logo design , human resource management, finance specialist, investment advisor, psychologist, paralegal or engineering logo , our consulting logo generator has them all. Whatever your professional consultancy, we have a consulting logo for you – star, pyramid, globe, jigsaw puzzle, circle, square, swoosh, magnifying glass, torch, brain logo, etc. Browse through thousands of free logo symbols from our online logo creator to pick the one that is right for your consulting firm, and start personalizing now! Download your free consulting logo today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Consultancy Logos

What kind of consultancy icons are included in your logo maker?

Consultancy icons featured in our logo maker are designed for all types of consultants whether you are in the education, business, psychiatry, engineering or marketing field.

You will find consulting logo icons related to these and many more types when you browse through our logo maker. You will find symbols of hands, chess knight, swoosh logos as well as a variety of text based logos and alphabet letters.

The kind of consultancy logo icon you select for your firm depends on your specialty and the brand image you want to build for yourself. And if you can’t find any, we offer custom logo design too.

What type of leadership logo design is best for a business consultant?

As a business consultant you need a leadership logo design that would personify your expertise as well as a personal brand identity.

You can select industry specific leadership logos of books or graduation cap symbols for education consultants , or a human head with brain symbols for psychiatrists.

Alternatively, you can select a personal branding style such as an abstract person with raised arms in front of many holding a star or at the top of the ladder. Symbols of mountain peaks with a hiker holding a flag also tend to be popular.

Modern leadership logos also feature just torch icons or simple wordmark of the leader’s name. Ultimately, it's up to you to determine which leadership logo image suits your business consultancy.

Does an HR consultancy logo must be designed with people icons?

Not necessarily. Whether you choose to have people icons in your HR consultancy logo design is up to you. There are many other HR logo ideas that you can use instead of people.

For example recruitment consultants prefer to use magnifying glass icons. On the other hand, organizational development or OD consultants like to use gear symbols and arrows for brand identities. While many psychologists prefer to use brain logos for their private consulting practice.

If you are a specialist in compensation and benefit, then line graph images and dollar icons work well.

How can I design an education consultancy logo for free?

One of the best ways to design an education consultancy logo for free is to use a logo creator like It's easy, fast and you get the logo design in no time.

All you have to do is browse through the consulting logo gallery, pick your favorite logo template, and customize according to your branding requirements. Once done you get to download the standard size for free. In case you need a high resolution file, you can download it by paying a nominal fee.

Alternatively, you can download consulting icons for free and design it using Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw design tools.

What should I keep in mind when designing a manager logo?

A manager’s logo design is a representation of your expertise and leadership. There are three logo design elements that you need to keep in mind:

The chosen manager logo symbol should be distinctive to reflect your personal branding. Abstract shapes like hexagon images, people icons, gear or hands symbols are good starting points.

The font for the manager logo should be professional to denote you mean business. Designers often choose sans Gothic, Helvetica, and Monserrat type, or serif types like Garamond, Baskerville and Palatino for designing manager's logos.

The colors should be sober like blue, green, and/or grey which send the message of trust, calmness and professionalism.

However, you don’t have to follow these exactly and use your own judgment and preferences too.