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Every website template on Logo Design’s web builder is crafted with professional perfection by expert web designers. We do the heavy-lifting so you can just get your website in minutes. Try our website builder now to create your own website!

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With a website builder, anyone can build a website online, from novice to professionals. It’s quick, and easy to create your own website. Our free website builder is a favorite for professionals and those who want to get online without the hassle. Our free website builder is the best because it offers you everything you need to launch a website within a few clicks.

Website Design

Website Design

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Trusted Hosting

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Purchase Domain

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Custom Email Box

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How to Create a Free Website with a Web Builder

Our website builder is super easy to use and quick to create a free website literally in minutes. The best part is, our web builder is FREE to use to create unlimited web designs with plenty of website templates to choose from and customize according to your needs. You can customize your heart out from text, images, colors, fonts, and even to some extent the layout of your website using our drag and drop features. In just 3 simple steps you can create a free website and launch it too. You only pay when you publish your website. For as low as $14.99/mo* you get so much more than WordPress website builder.

A Simple Website Creator Free for Everyone

You don’t need a website designer or developer to create a website free for your business, shop, clinic, band or have an online presence. Our simple website maker let’s you make a website for free using its super easy drag and drop features. Unlike WordPress website builders and themes, Logo Design’s free website maker is pre-packaged to give you the complete website within a few clicks. It’s yours forever, and you have full control over it.

Easy Web Builder Tool

Easy Web Builder Tool

Responsive Web Designs

Responsive Web Designs

Customizable Designs

Customizable Designs

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A Website Creator Software Preferred By Professionals

Whether you are a professional, entrepreneur or a one-man show like an author, you will love the easiness of using our free website creator software, that let’s you customize as and when you like it, even on the go!

Logo Design’s free website creator works like filling a form- you just need to customize your content, add your images, or change colors or fonts without any fuss. That’s why professionals and business owners like the following people love our free online website creator.

Startup owners
Authors and Bloggers
Music Bands

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Our Free Website Builder Brings Your Business Ideas to Life

If you are just brainstorming some business ideas, or have an idea for a new project then now is the time to bring it to life. Our free website builder makes it easy for you to bring your idea to life, with just one click.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A website builder is a software tool that allows a user to sign up for an automated website design platform which features different types of pre-designed web design templates. These web templates are populated and categorized according to popular industries so that a user can find their niche web design conveniently.

The best part about a website builder is that a user only needs to customize their selected website template with logo design, content, images, branding, and anything that makes their online presence unique, and launch it in a few clicks.

Logo Design’s website builder is a favorite for anyone who needs a website designed without the hassle, and quickly, because it offers hosting, domain, email address, payment gateway, and branding all at one place. You can publish your website quickly and easily; no middle person required.
It is easy to subscribe to a website builder - with a single sign up you get tons of drag-and-drop customization options that even a non-technical person can understand and use. Try our easy website builder now.

Nowadays you can easily create a website free of cost when you use a website builder. From a plethora of web design templates to choose from, designing a website is as easy as 1-2-3.

  • Step 1. Select a website template from our website builder gallery.
  • Step 2. Customize with branding elements like logo design, content, images, etc.
  • Step 3. Select a package to publish.

If you are not ready to publish, and want to try other web design templates, then you are free to do so without any additional cost. All website templates in our website creator are free to try. You only pay when you decide to publish.

Moreover, our basic package is so affordable it’s just like having a meal at KFC. This affordable, convenient and easy web design solution is brought to you so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of hiring technical experts to develop website in ages. Try our free website creator now.

When you use Logo Design’s website creator, you have the option to try and create your own website design by using the multitude of website templates available in our gallery.

You are free to create a website as many times and use as many design templates as you like. There are no charges attached to it.

Once you are satisfied with your edits and customization, and feel you are ready to publish your website, that is, you want to make your website live for the public to access it, then you need to pay a nominal price of $14.99. For more details on packages available you can click here.

Of course! Once you publish your website you can definitely edit it as and when you like it. Since you will have subscribed to a paid plan, you will get unlimited edit rights including changing your content, images, colors, fonts and more.

Our website creator is flexible and allows users like you to have the freedom to grow their brand and business online anytime they want. This is only possible when you get unlimited access to your website. Try our free website maker now!

The short answer is yes, we do.

Since ecommerce website design is a complex process, it’s not easy for non-technical persons to create a website design for their ecommerce store to simply launch it instantly. For this reason, at the moment we only offer custom website design for ecommerce business owners.

You can learn more about how to create a custom website design for your ecommerce store by contacting our support and sales team directly at this number 844-232-4816, email to, or simply chat with one of our online chat support staff members.

Yes, you can definitely transfer your website domain to our website builder when you are ready to publish.

You will find this option when you click on publish. You will be prompted to go with the default subdomain provided by Logo Design, purchase a new one, or transfer your existing domain hosted elsewhere to our platform.

Just select one of the options to launch your website.

A WordPress website builder is a professional platform that offers readymade web themes that users can pick and customize but it needs technical knowledge to get started. While most of them are free there are some paid versions which are ideal for professionals.

Logo Design’s website creator is an easy to use DIY website design solution that requires little to no expertise in web design from its users. Since everything on our website creator is based on drag-and-drop features, you can easily create a website.

Besides, we have a team of technical experts ready to answer any query you may have or walk you through the whole process of publishing your website using Logo Design’s website builder.

Try it out now.