Cute Animal Logo & Pet Logos for Free

Cute, cuddly, aggressive, elegant or graceful, we have all the pet logos right here on our free pet logo maker tool. Use our easy and ultra-fast logo creator to make adorable animal logo designs for free-ideal for your pet shop logo, animal shelter or pet supplies store logo. We have animal logo symbols ranging from dog logos to bird logos, cat, horse, fish logos etc. with all types of expressions to suit your brand’s mood. Create mascots for your dog walking, pet grooming, pet care service business, or for your animal and pet website using the simple logo generator online. You’ll love the free logo design templates we have on our free logo creator, and even more, the freedom to personalize your pet logo. Try the free pet logo maker today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Animal & Pet Logos

Where can I find pet care logos for free?

There are a number of online logo maker tools, such as Logo Design, where you can create free animal and pet logo designs and a number of other industries.

The pet care logo designs available on such logo softwares come in a huge variety of colors, features and styles, including animal icons, abstract designs, mascots, and animal silhouettes. You can use these designs to create variations of pet care logos, for pet shops, pet supplies, pet sitting, animal rescue, or veterinary logos.

All logo design templates we feature come in high resolution files that can be instantly downloaded and used in brand communications.

What kind of animal logos I can make with a logo maker?

You can create a number of animal logo designs using a logo maker. These design templates can contain pictures of cute pet icons such as dog logos, cats, bunnies, etc. You can also create more abstract shape designs such as square, triangle, rectangle, hexagon, and circle logos. You can also design animal mascots, or choose to focus on animal symbols like paw prints, flapping wings logos, or ribbons, stethoscope, and cross logos for veterinary centers.

What kind of animal logo you want to create depends on your brand art brief and your own sense of design. Most animal and pet care shop logos contain animal symbols but the broader styles of design like abstract logos, gradient logos, vintage retro logo design styles etc. are also popular with business owners.

Are PDF and PNG the best formats for pet shop logos?

To use pet shop logo template in marketing materials, PDF files are probably one of the best. Using the PDF format, you can maintain the sharp quality of your pet shop logo, repeatedly edit the logo design, and do it all without harming the resolution of the logo design template.

Since pet shop brand identities go on a variety of brand communications – letterheads, business cards, websites – you want a PNG logo vector file that can be edited over and over again – cut, copy, and paste – without affecting the quality. By using PNG file type, your pet shop logo design can be displayed on your store sign, or printed on your business envelope with consistent high resolution.

What animal images suit pet supplies store logo designs?

The most popular animal images you can use in a pet supplies store logo are of common pet animals: dogs, hamsters, parrots and cat images etc. Since pet supplies are required by people who own pets or vets, you are better suited to use a popular, recognizable image as your pet supplies logo design.

A pet store logo can use an image as is, or add variation in the form of shield logo, key, fish bowl, dog dish, or a location pin logo if your pet store is located in a popular location. Puppy paw prints is another image that's really popular with pet clubs and pet shop owners.

Do you have free pet care vector logos?

Yes. After you create your customized pet care logo template, the file you get will be a vector file that you can use, edit, manipulate, and easily print.

To get the high-resolution pet care vector logo using a free logo maker, all you have to do is pick a design you like, customize it as per your needs, and sign up to download. With a vector logo file such as .pdf and .png you can get your pet shop logo or animal care logo that's easily printable onto a number of branding media with no hassle whatsoever.

For a detailed list of file extensions we offer, please visit How It Works section.