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How do I use a logo maker to design a logo?

A logo maker is basically a software that allows you to browse through pre-made logo design templates from a database.

To design your logo, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Select a logo design template from the gallery
  • Step 2: Customize font, colors, tagline or company name. You can also add effects to your logo using the advance tools on the left.
  • Step 3: Pay a nominal amount and download high resolution files instantly.
  • Step 4: Download instantly.

Literally, it takes only minutes to get your logo design.

What’s the difference between a designing with a logo maker and a custom logo design?

A logo maker features ready-made logo design templates from which you can select one to personalize as your own. Depending on how advance a software is, you are allowed to customize font size and type; change colors; and insert text and shapes. Our logo maker tool also allows you to add effects like gradient, opacity and additional shapes to make your logo more unique.

Custom design on the other hand means a dedicated logo designer works on your logo to churn out customized design concepts based on the requirements and preferences you’ve provided in a creative brief. This type of design is unique to you only, so you can practically make all types of changes as and when you desire.

Can I customize my logo design using your logo maker?

Definitely! You can customize font, colors, text and company name. You can even give your logo the additional deluxe touch using our stroke, offset, reflection, shine, gloss, drop shadow, and opacity tools which does not require any design knowledge at all. Using these tools you can create unlimited unique design concepts with a single logo design template.

Where can I get my logo design files?

Once you have customized your logo and are satisfied with the results, click on “Download”. You’ll be prompted to pay for high-resolution design files or get free design files by giving credit. Select any one option, log in, and you’ll be directed to My Design page where you will get the files for download.

Can I use my logo design files for printing my business card?

Yes, of course! We offer high-resolution design files that are ready for printing business card, stationery, banners, and even billboards, if you use the paid option.

The standard files we provide for free are also good enough to print and use in digital platforms such as social media, web design and social images.

How does the design studio work?’s design studio uses top-of-the-line technology to offer users with fully loaded options to create their logo without having any graphic design knowledge.

Our drag-and-drop based logo tool can even be used by children. The best part is, even if you’ve made a mistake you can reset the action and start all over. Try it out!

How much does it cost to get a logo design?

You can get a fully customizable logo design using our free logo maker by:

  • a. Paying a nominal price to get high-resolution files.
  • b. Giving credits to us to get standard design files.

Do you provide help in customizing my design?

We have a dedicated customer support team who are ready to help you with any queries related to our logo design maker.

If you’re interested in custom logo design services by dedicated graphic designers then you can call us at 844-232-4816, email to or simply fill out a request form here.

Can I use my logo for trademark and copyrights?

All logo design templates featured in our database are designed and owned by No copyrights can be given because these designs are downloaded and used by other users like you. If you would like get exclusive rights and purchase a particular logo design, you can call for details.