Wonderful Truck Logos Collection

Take your business on the road to success with a powerful truck logo! Our best selling truck logos are free to try and are a hit with companies interested in getting logistics company logo design, moving, delivery, new and used truck sales, leasing and transportation logo design. Some of our top-rated truck logos include an image of an SUV truck at an angle, a cargo truck inside of a compass logo, a truck with a swoosh around it and many other great logo choices. Get started with our free logo maker now!

Frequently Asked Questions About Truck Logos

Do you have custom truck logo designs?

Yes, we do. All of our truck logo designs are professionally created by trained designers which means you get original designs every time. Plus, using our free logo generator you can also make changes to the design to suit your trucking company needs.

However, if you are looking for a truly custom truck logo design, that can be arranged too. Call us at 844-232-4816 or email us at support@logodesign.net and one of our dedicated designers will get in touch with you.

While a custom design will be truly unique to your business, it will also cost you a bit more. So keep that in mind as you’re browsing for options.

What are some great truck logo ideas for businesses?

A trucking icon is one of the most popular truck logo ideas you can use for your business. It is easy to understand, quick to establish connection to a certain industry, and doesn’t leave much to guess-work.

And we have a large variety of truck icons with additional details that make a simple image into a memorable truck logo. Depending on your business, you can use a truck icon with an envelope symbol on it to represent post and parcels; a towing truck logo; or a truck, ship, and plane symbols in a single logo to represent a large logistics business; you can also use a loading truck with coal logo to showcase a mining connection.

For the complete variety of the designs we have to offer, check out our gallery now

How can I get my trucking company logo for free?

It’s an easy process. Start by searching for your perfect trucking company logo for free through our database of designs. Once you select a company logo design, click on it to start customizing. Afterwards, proceed to checkout and select the Free Download option that’ll give you a standard design file that you can use by giving us credits.

In addition to free standard design, we also offer hi-res trucking company logos for a nominal fee. Using the paid options, you get ready-to-print files that you can use to print your business cards, office stationery, and even billboards.

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Can I make my truck logo design in Paint?

If you have sufficient design knowledge and understand the software well, you can definitely create a truck logo design in Paint. However, if you want a conceptual design you can create a unique design with our logo creator. It’s original, and apart from some time and effort, will cost nothing.

However, it must be noted that to create a professional commercial truck logo, your graphic design knowledge needs to be up to the par. Design that looks ametuer, unorganized, cluttered, or in any other way imperfect, will seriously harm your brand image.

To avoid such errors, use our professional trucking logo templates to create your own logo design. The full-range of customization features will help you edit the image as much as you want so it’s unique to your business and idea.

How do I turn my trucking logo image into a JPG?

Using our logo design services, you won’t need to turn your trucking logo image into a JPG. Our paid option provides clients with ready-to-go logo files in JPG and other formats so you can start your branding instantly.

Using these files, you can start printing your business stationery such as business cards and letterheads. You’ll also be able to use your lorry truck logo file on your social media channels as well as on the business website. Plus our scalable logo files in PDF format also allow you to fit the file on the city’s biggest billboard without hurting the image quality.

So don’t worry about file formats anymore and start designing now.