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Get a colorful paint logo for your organization! Ideal for many small and large businesses, our paint logos are free for customization and are great for companies wanting to design home remodeling logos, painting, paint supply, creative artist logos, illustrations and graphic design. Try our paint logo generator free online to quickly design paint logos such as paint bucket with a brush leaning against it, a colorful house logo with a chimney, or a camera lens with brush strokes! Try it now, free!

Creative Paint Logo Samples to Color Your Creative Ideas

Frequently Asked Questions About Paint Logos

Do you have free painting logos for my paint store?

Yes. Our design database contains a huge variety of free painting logos that you can use for your paint store, your interior design business logo, or any other paint-related venture you’re starting

To access the logo gallery, simply type-in your search term ‘painting logos’ and get ready to see some of the most clever logo designs you’ll find anywhere. From the selection, pick the logo that makes the most sense to you in terms of design needs and your brand image.

Once you’ve chosen your logo design, proceed to our design studio where you can edit and then download your logo.

Remember, for the free paint store logo, you'll need to give due credits to the company to be able to use the design. Or, you can pay a nominal price for a high-res logo and no attribution required.

How do you design a paint logo?

The process to design a paint logo is fairly simple and does not require much graphic design knowledge on your part. We can help you skip all the steps in corporate logo designing, and allow you to get a professional paint logo in minutes.

We start by looking at the logo designs collection to see our options. Since there is quite a large variety of paint logo designs available, you might feel overwhelmed. But keep your focus on your brand idea and continue looking. Once you have found what you are looking for, proceed to edit and customize the design so it’s exactly suitable to your business and branding needs.

Afterwards just click on download and proceed to pay for the hi-res logo files or opt for the free option to use standard file which’ll require crediting..

Can I use a spray paint logo for my paint shop?

Of course. In addition to a spray paint logo, you can also use a number of other icons to show a connection to paints and painting through your logo.

You can use a paint roller logo, a paint brush logo or an abstract paint brush stroke, different symbols such as a bunch of tiles that are dripping paint, a painted nail hand, and even a spray paint machine logo. The ideas are boundless, therefore, as you are looking for your perfect design, keep in mind the message you want to send through your logo design. If that is taken care of, creating a steller paint logo will be an easy feat.

What images are most suitable for a painting business logo?

The kind of painting business logo you should choose depends mostly on the kind of painting business you’re running. For example, if you’ve got a paint shop, a paint brush or a paint roller icon might be a good idea.

However, if you are a creative artist or run a home remodeling business, your choices should be different. For a creative artist logo, think of using a paint palette in your design; for a home remodeling logo, a house with a paint roller may be a good idea. Similarly, for a painting school colorful stripes creating a building silhouette seems quite fitting.

Keeping with this theme, make sure to match your logo symbol to your specific business to get a perfectly suitable painting business logo.

Can I download my painting logo for free?

Sure you can. All of our painting logos are available for a free download which gets you a standard logo file for immediate use on your social media and website etc.

To get your painting logo for free, simply browse for the design that you want to use as your brand logo. Once you’ve finalized an image, continue with its editing so you can add or delete elements that will make the design more suitable for your company

After you’re done with the logo editing, proceed to Checkout to get your free file that you can use after crediting us properly